Automated Restaurant – for Foster Nutrition

We designed and developed Foster's state-of-the-art technology for their new smart gastronomic venue. The restaurant is almost fully automated, functioning like a vending machine that delivers freshly-prepared salad bowls.

When customers enter Foster, they order their food from a tablet kiosk. Then, they wait in front of a wall of glass cubbies, where their food will be delivered. When an order is ready, it´s placed in one of the cubbies. The door of that cubby then shows the name of the customer who ordered the bowl and opens to deliver the meal.

The entire process requires zero human interaction between customers and workers.

Customers can create their own bowls from a list of different admixtures or order from a number of recommended arranged menu dishes combining dozens of ingredients.

Foster's computer system remembers every customer's order. So whenever they return to the restaurant, the system will display their previous orders and recommend new bowls based on their preferences.




2017 BINIT
[H]ome [P]ortfolio [C]ontact [C]areers


Artilleros 2369

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires _ CP C1428AUK


+54 11 5235-6399